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For adults, the Sunday experience at Greenbrier is a time of celebration...a time for normal/messed up people to come together and be challenged by a powerful message.  It really does not matter what your past may be, because we know one thing is certain...the death of Jesus covers your mistakes and God has a perfect plan for your life.  Our goal for you is simple, and we aren't keeping it secret, we want you to find God and be transformed by His power.  Get involved, join us for one of 2 Identical Services at 9:05 & 10:35AM and see for yourself.
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Sunday adult worship at Greenbrier is a celebration, regular people coming together after 6 days of "life."  Once a week isn't enough my friend.  Greenbrier Church values thriving small groups for every age and walk of life.  You will not grow with Christ by coming to "church!"  We all need groups! Actually, groups are one of the most important aspect of worship.  Community Groups are a crucial part of Greenbrier.  Community Groups meet in homes once a week doing life together.  See what groups are about, and what groups are currently open by clicking below.
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Services, 9:05 & 10:35AM